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Welcome to our site

My wife & I are seniors and enjoy being able to get out and about, visiting a golf, bowls or RSL club locally for dinning and entertainment, but when it comes to travelling interstate, overseas for a holiday or a relaxing cruise,  there is more involved.   
Planning these trips can involve many hours of research on the internet as you would be aware.
Our goal with this site is to display links / addresses to sites in each region and states throughout Australia.

Senior Discounts
So far, after emailing information of our site to a large number of the site owners we have listed, the response has been very supportive and positive. The ones who will give senior discounts will be indicated with X. Others have informed us that if you make a booking with them and mention that you found their site on our Seniors Wotodo website they will give a discount. We suggest that to get the best results is to mention our site to every site owner you contact from our listings.
There may well be links to sites that we have missed (in cities mainly, as there are so many) so, if you think a site should be added or through your experience, a site should not be listed, as well as any other suggestions, please contact us.
Your input would be appreciated. 
We hope you enjoy visiting our site and find it helpful in your web searching.
     Warren & Patricia 

 Top Tips for DIY Home Safety

   "(Elizabeth's Link)"

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Fireworks at Australia Day 2009  Canberra

Links to USA dedicated organizations, who work to better the community through

volunteering and health awareness.

Health awareness


Well-being and self-improvement


Sydney Opera House

Panning for Gold  Western Australia

Camel Safari  Central Australia

Penguin Parade Phillip Island  Victoria