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Thanks for the email,  I have visited your web site and am impressed,  I will add a bit of extra information for you which you may like to add to the Wyndham section of you site, Parry's is close to the Marlglu Billabong and historic Telegraph Hill, the Dept. of Enviroment and Conservation (DEC) have built a excellent Bird Hide on the billabong and in the dry season the bird watching from this facility is second to none,  The view from Telegraph Hill is wonderful and it is highly recommended on our list of to do things in and around Wyndham,
also Old Halls creek road is close to Parrys this is  a historic road and the original pavers are still visible, 5 Rivers Lookout in Wyndham is amazing and a must do. Sunset and sunrise on the lookout is awsome. The Wyndham Shire has also built and maintain the excellent BBQ facilities for all to use.
The Wyndham port is also historic.  Diggers Rest Station is aprox 40km from Wyndham and has camping accommodation meals horse tracks and spectacular views of the Cockburn Ranges www.diggersreststation.com.au ,
you can also access the Karungie track from the King River Road this offers you spectacular views of the ranges and a 4WD challange ( dry weather road only) and brings you out on the Gibb River Road at the Pentacoste River crossing close to Home Valley. We also have the Croc Farm,
Even though the population of Wyndham is under 1000 we have a modern hospital, a excellent supermarket with everything you could ever need and a general store (Thorleys)
We also have cheaper fuel than Kununurra, new cafe and a bottle shop.  there are alcohol restrictions in all Kimberley Towns and tourists need to be aware that you cannot buy full strength alcohol before 5pm and there is also a limit per person on purchases, this causes some travellers a bit of stress.
Anne and Terry
Parry Creek Farm Tourist Resort
Parry Creek Road
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